deployment of security forces to prevent a

The peaceful march followed by a rally that a civil society collective planned to organize on Wednesday morning is banned in Niamey. The organizers therefore decided to bring the municipal decree to court, which also confirmed the ban Result: no protesters this morning in the streets of Niamey. Civil society intended to protest the high cost of living, the presence of Barkhane forces in Niger and the increase in the price of diesel.

as reported from Niamey, Moussa Kaka

By banning the peaceful march followed by the meeting that M62 planned to organize, the city of Niamey has equipped itself with all security means to enforce the municipal decree.

It was early in the morning that all the sensitive places, the meeting place and the route of the protesters were occupied by the police, the police and the National Guard. In the streets of Niamey, where residents go about their business, no crowds of protesters are visible. M62, which claims to respect the law, says it takes note of this court ruling and decides to continue the fight otherwise.

Instead of the forbidden demonstration, the movement decides to organize a day of fasting and three days of prayer from Wednesday. According to Abdoulaye Seydou, president of M62, the movement has decided to launch an online petition against the presence of Barkhane forces in Niger, the high cost of living and the increase in the price of diesel at the pump.

Finally, M62 plans to organize a peaceful march called dignity, on September 18. By calling on citizens, trade unions and political parties for a general mobilization, M62 confirms loud and clear that it will play its part.

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