demonstration in support of the army in Bamako

A demonstration in support of the transitional authorities took place on Friday afternoon, May 13, in Independence Square in Bamako, at the initiative of organizations close to the government. The official motto was “Operation Hope”, in support of the Malian Armed Forces (FAMa) which, according to official discourse, has recently been successful against terrorist groups.

A few thousand people responded to this call and came to listen to the various speakers, including Ben le Cerveau, the leader of the Yerewolo debut sur les ramparts organization, one of the junta’s hardest defenders.

The participants massively wore the colors of the national flag and, for a certain number, the t-shirts marked with a large E “Operation Hope”. This is the sign of support for FAMa.

Condemning ECOWAS, Minusma and France’s place But there were other key words: condemning ECOWAS ‘attitude towards Mali, the West African community remains firm on the terms of the transition and on the sanctions against Bamako.

The protesters also came to terminate the Algiers agreement signed in 2015 with the northern rebel groups, the CFA franc and more generally the French and European presence in the country. continues its disconnection,Minusma, the UN force, whose mandate must be renewed or not in June, and whose freedom of action has declined in recent months on Malian territory, was also targeted.

In recent weeks, we have seen our soldiers win many victories over the terrorists. It is for this reason that France is trying to demoralize us, to intimidate our defense and security forces into withdrawing from the jihadists. If they do not have self-confidence, it will affect people. When we observe, we see that what France has not been able to do since its soldiers have been in our country, our soldiers can do it in such a short time. That is, to achieve victories over the enemy. What bothers France, so she tries to keep us still and always under her rule and prevent us from deciding for ourselves. That is why we came out today to show that we support our defense forces. Whoever attacks them will have to deal with us. We support them for what they do for security in the country. We are demonstrating for our country, because we are the only ones who can take us out of this suffering. We must do everything we can to get the country out of the crisis.

Abdoulaye Fofana, participant in the FAMA demonstration in Bamako

An invitation to demonstrate with the same slogan was also launched in Paris by organizations close to the M5-RFP, the platform of Prime Minister Choguel Maïga. Several hundred people were in the Place de la République.

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