consultation with political actors began earlier

In Guinea, the authorities have been receiving political actors since Monday afternoon to prepare for Assizes, which starts on March 22. Today, the Ministry of Territorial Administration received five coalitions of political parties. These consultations also concern religious and civil society. The aim of the authorities: to discuss with the political class, who blame them for rejecting it from public affairs and in particular from the details of the transition.

These consultations make it possible to develop the form that the assizes will take and the agenda for these meetings. It will mainly be about “reconciliation” and political dialogue.

In the case of “reconciliation”, this should be a technical issue in particular, as there is already a working document: a report came in 2016, states an observer.

During discussions with the Territorial Minister, politicians agreed on the conditions for dialogue, in particular the composition of the audience, on the timetable for the transition or even on the governing body of the election.

“This is an opportunity to clarify the elements of the government’s roadmap,” said one opposition leader. “The length of the transition must be quickly specified,” insists this manager.

For a framework for the RPG, the former ruling party, “it is urgent to put forward proposals to move the country forward”.

It remains to be seen whether these three days of consultation with the political class will make it possible to establish a consensus agenda and whether these exchanges will, in substance, make it possible to alleviate the frustrations expressed by politicians.

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