Conakry has run out of fuel

Conakry has been idling since Monday. Guinea’s capital is suffering from a gas shortage. On Friday, petrol stations just started to be delivered, but refilling will take time.

as reported from Conakry, Matthias Raynal

In Conakry, the roads are almost empty. And at the station, it is always the same sentence that you have to repeat to the customers: “There is no petrol. We only have diesel. But it will come. “Mawa Sylla, the head of the gas station, covers the fuel pump gun, now dry. She does not remember experiencing such a shortage. And she has worked in the sector for 26 years:” It was war. We were offended father and mother. I “I had to call the gendarmes and when they arrived it was really good. Until then, they are there to secure us,” she says.

At Sonap, the public company that has handled the import of petroleum products for several months, the CEO justifies himself: the latest delivery has been delayed due to change of supplier and slow financial institutions to give the green light for transaction. A boat filled with petrol thus remained stuck for several days in front of the port of Conakry, without being able to dock. But the end of the galaxy is approaching. On Friday, a boat was finally able to unload its cargo in the port of Conakry: “The good news is that it has arrived now. So I ask everyone to calm down. They will start delivering “, adds the manager.

Mohamed Touré, a motorcycle taxi, had to turn to the black market: “Fuel is expensivethrough the black market. Some sell a liter for 40,000, for 50,000 ”. From 4 to 5.50 euros per liter. Mohamed was forced to raise his own prices by 50%: “It’s not easy, to be honest. If it continues like this, we can not get out of it.” Many of his customers preferred to stay at home this week. In companies and administrations were offices glesa.

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