compilation, long-term work for exhausted teams

Burkina Faso is now awaiting the results of the two elections, the legislative and presidential elections, which were held in the country this Sunday, November 22. After the bill, it is now time to compile. Work carried out in 368 municipal centers across the country. Report to the common center of the town hall Ouaga 1 in the center of the capital.

From our special correspondent in Ouagadougou,

“We have almost finished the presidential election, we will stop and resume soon for the legislative election.” Seydou Ouédraogo, coordinator of the first district assembly center in Ouagadougou, announces a welcome break in the early afternoon. The teams have been working all night and they are exhausted. On the ground, Rolane made a small bed with a loincloth just to get a few minutes of sleep. Aïda, she did not have the courage to move, she sleeps with her arms crossed on the computer keyboard.

“It’s above all work,” says Filibert, yawning. He was one of the data entry operators who therefore compiled the voting results overnight and entered them manually in the computer system of the Election Commission, Ceni. “We have not slept, we have been here since 18.00 yesterday and all night, all morning, we worked and it is not over yet.”

The millions of votes were held

From the end of the office, Sunday at 18.00, the bill has begun, it sometimes ended just so early on Monday morning. Officials then personally brought the election material to the compilation center. “It was crowded here last night,” testified one of the delegates to the candidates present in the courtyard. From 9pm, when we started getting the first feedback from the offices, there were cars and motorcycles everywhere. There were even traffic jams on the street, it lasted part of the night. “All under good security escort. In fact, throughout the electoral process, members of the armed forces are present to secure it.

In a large bag we find valid votes. These bags are the last pelvis in case of a dispute, they must be stored during the election operations and can be consulted in case of disagreement. In addition to the votes, officials took with a sealed envelope. Inside there is the protocol, the results sheet and the spreadsheet. All this is available in several copies for the various bodies that must guarantee the transparency and good conduct of the vote.

The candidates’ delegates are vigilant

It is from this envelope that the collection center works, as does the one for the 1st arrondissement of Ouagadougou, and it is quite laborious. “You must be able to understand all the numbers written by hand, check that everything is consistent. It takes time “, confirms one of the operators.

A job that is done under the attention of the candidates’ delegates. For the presidential election, they are 13 in progress, but not everyone has always been represented in the polling stations and not everyone is represented in the municipal commissions, due to a lack of sufficient resources and teams. In fact, there were almost 22,000 polling stations open for this double vote and there are more than 360 joint polling stations.

Judith, a delegate, has a broken voice, her bun is a bit messy, a sign of a long night’s work. “I’ve been here since yesterday. We therefore compare the forms we have collected from the polling stations with those compiled here and we check that everything is correct. You need to be very vigilant so that no one can complain about the results. We are also very tired. In addition, I have party mates who have met me to encourage me, because they know that what we do today is important. “

The choice of team is still on the program

And in fact, a little further on, several delegates have a lively discussion. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. “In the whole district there are 221 polling stations and it seems that we only have 220 cards so we tell to verify,” explains Boubacar, one of the delegates present. We need to find the 221st file. So we meet to recalculate and verify. “We can not accuse without control, so before we will see those responsible for the center, we see all together, all political parties to be sure of ourselves,” invited Judith who joined them. If we are right, they will correct it. We do this together because we must not believe that we are necessarily against each other, we have overcome all this. Politics does not stop us from working together. ”

When the compilation is completed at the municipal center’s level, the results are printed, approved by teams and representatives of the candidates, scanned and sent digitally to CENI. A physical part will also be sent under good escort. But the rest is not for now. If the presidential election is far ahead for the compilation of the first constituency, it is now necessary to do the same work for the legislative election. And the task promises to be tough because for this constituency there were almost 90 lists in contention. “We do not intend to finish before the afternoon. After me, nothing will stop me from falling asleep, ”sighs Rolane, who stands up, ready to resume his work.


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