Clashes on the sidelines of a banned FNDC demonstration

Guinea’s capital Conakry was spinning in slow motion on Thursday morning, July 28. The FNDC, the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution, created in November 2019 against a third term of former President Alpha Condé, called for a peaceful march to demand more transparency in the management of the transition. A gathering not approved by the Guinean authorities.

as reported from Conakry, Mouctar Bah

Announced for this Thursday, FNDC’s demonstration disturbed the sleep of the police who stayed up all night to set up an impressive security system. Gendarmes and police have been deployed on major arteries and intersections, particularly in the large college suburb of Conakry.

In Hamdallaye, Bambéto, Cosa, Wanindara, Sonfonia and all along the Le Prince highway, the epicenter of protests against human rights violations, helmeted officers armed with tear gas canisters observed the movements of the population. They did not hesitate to get out of their pick-ups to disperse any suspicious gathering.

It is in this atmosphere that clashes between young people and the police occurred in several places, especially in the Hamdallaye sector known as Gnary Wada, in Koloma and in Sonfonia, where security was significantly strengthened. On the other side of the city, on the northern corniche that crosses the posh districts of Lambanyi, Nongo and Kipé, activities were paralyzed and there were no reported demonstrations until early afternoon.

A large deployment of law enforcement was also visible at the entrance to Kaloum, the capital’s administrative and business district, seat of the presidential palace, the national assembly and the army’s general staff.

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