Céni commissioners condemn fraud

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Following Ceni’s proclamation of the preliminary results of the presidential election that gave the outgoing president the winner, the vice president of the electoral body, Bano Sow, who is from the opposition, signed a statement proposing Partial or Total “resumption” of the vote due to a number of irregularities .

as reported from Conakry, Carol Valade

If the conduct of the vote was welcomed by African observers, it is in the centralization operations that things get complicated.

Refusal to show the results, lack of transparency in the reporting of reports, disappearances, replacements or even falsification of minutes … The Commissioner’s report notes a “concentration of irregularities” in the region of Upper Guinea, which is considered a stronghold of power in space where certain participation rates fluctuate between 98% and more than 100%. Few canceled polling stations, almost no invalid ballot in this rural area with a high degree of illiteracy, the document further emphasizes.

Finally, when the votes were collected, “the total number of votes cast does not correspond to the sum of the votes obtained by all the candidates”, according to the report, which questions the sincerity of the results and proposes that the vote be resumed. .

Mamady 3 Kaba, a spokesman for Céni, who has not yet consulted the document, sees it as a “political” approach. It is too late, he said, that appeals should now be brought “by the candidates” to the Constitutional Court. The latter then have five days to study them and announce the final results or cancel vote.


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