Cameroon knocked out, Nigeria in World Cup

The Nigerian team has once again introduced its team to Cameroon’s team in the Women’s African Cup of Nations, on July 14 in Casablanca. By beating the Cameroonians 1-0, the Nigerians qualified for the semifinals of CAN 2022 against the Moroccans, as well as for the World Cup 2023. A world cup where the indomitable lionesses can still participate, provided they win a classification match on July 17 and then win repeechage next February.

From our special correspondent in Casablanca,

This 15th Cameroon-Nigeria in the final phase of the Women’s African Cup of Nations looked great to previous: The Cameroonians believed in it but the Nigerians, superior, won for the 11th time. A pretty logical result considering this quarterfinal of AFCON 2022.

Rasheedat Ajibade, still decisive In the first period, the two teams neutralized each other and neither team got a clear chance. But the Nigerians, better on the spot and more disciplined, have control of the ball. The Cameroonians, who are betting on a very direct game, are losing it fast and multiplying the mistakes.

Just before match time, yttern Rasheedat Ajibade takes over a worked center with uncrossed head. The ball hits the right upright and crosses the line: 0-1, 56th. The new Nigerian star has once again made the difference.

Quite the opposite against the opposing captain Gabrielle Onguéné who after a failed pivot shot (53rd) and a failed half volley (67th) left the field (70th). A real symbol.

Morocco-Nigeria in semi-final Thanks to this success, Nigeria will face Morocco in the semi-final of the competition on July 18 in Rabat. Above all, the three African champions validate their ticket to the next world cupscheduled for July 20 to August 20, 2023 in Australia and New Zealand.

A World Cup in Oceania that the indomitable lionesses, who participated in the 2015 and 2019 editions, can still dream of. But for that, it will be necessary to beat Batswana in the classification match CAN 2022, on July 17. Then win an international repechage tournament in February 2023 in New Zealand …

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