Blaise Compaoré back in Ivory Coast after his brief

Former President Blaise Compaoré left Ouagadougou for Abidjan on Saturday afternoon, July 9. He arrived on Thursday and took part in a consultation with former President Jean-Baptiste Ouédraogo and Lieutenant Colonel Paul Henri Damiba. Blaise Compaoré took the opportunity to meet several personalities in Burkinabe’s capital.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

Blaise Compaoré joined the Ivorian capital after his controversial short stay and Ouagadougou. However, according to several sources, on the invitation letter sent by President Paul-Henri Damiba, his stay could last for at least eight days.

Before his departure, he received a delegation of people from Ziniaré, his village. Several personalities also paraded at his residence in Ouagalais, among them supporters and sympathizers.

He met a delegation from the CDP’s historic wing. The discussions focused on holding the next party congress mentioned in a letter sent to the various CDP officials in June, but it was the topic of the socio-political situation that dominated the discussions. “The primary concern was the national situation,” said a member of the delegation.

Contradictory information had been circulating throughout the day on Saturday when he returned. His plane took off from Ouagadougou with his wife on board and Ally Coulibaly, the Ivorian president’s special adviser.

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We were all amazed. It is truly a disgrace to our justice, a justice that we have put all our trust in. It is a pity that this guilty man escapes Burkinabe’s justice. (…) All we demand is that justice be done.

Blandine Sankara, sister of Thomas Sankara

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