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A few days before the ECOWAS summit scheduled for Sunday in Accra, Ghana, the Guinean authorities, who fear sanctions from the sub-regional organization, are multiplying gestures. Since November 2021, Guinea has already been suspended from ECOWAS. As such, it therefore does not participate in the summit of heads of state. Guinea’s foreign minister took a tour of several influential heads of state in the sub-region to plead for Conakry’s cause.

Morissanda Kouyaté, Guinea’s Foreign Minister, was in Abidjan on the weekend of June 25-26. He then traveled to Senegal and Ghana. Its aim is to present the efforts made by Conakry, justify the timetable for the transition, evoke the national dialogue and the real estate recycling company, which has created tensions in recent months.

Towards the arrival of a mediator to Conakry? According to several sources, the Guinean authorities would be ready to accept the presence of an ECOWAS mediator. It remains to be seen whether the figure of the Ghanaian Mohamed Ibn Chambas, who was announced a few months ago, will be accepted by Conakry. This personality has “very good knowledge of the Guinean file”, an observer appeals. “Chambas is unanimous in the political class,” the analyst added.

Accepting the idea of ​​a mediator is already a first step, comments one diplomat: “This would restore confidence in the political class and in the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC)”. FNDC also has interrupted their movements to allow time for dialogue.

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