Attacks and kidnappings in Nigeria: the children of

While under-education in northern Nigeria has long been a ticking bomb for the country’s internal security, this phenomenon may be exacerbated by successive waves of mass looting against ransom in the northwestern country. Reportage.

From our Special Envoy in the State of Kebbi,

Saddam does not always succeed in realizing this. After four months in captivity, her little brother is healthy and well. While the majority of the 102 students at the Birnin Yauri boarding school have been in the hands of their captors for a year, Sadam and his parents have been instructed not to speak to the media.

Just Saddam agrees to discuss a video taken on the phone and sent by the kidnappers on a social network. “The video was so awful because I saw one of the teachers and three of the students being tortured, and they asked Kebbi’s government to come to their aid,” he said.

For several months, Governor Atiku Bagudu personally received the families once a week, assuring them at each meeting that the children would return soon. Saddam does not doubt the sincerity and efforts of the authorities. “Kebbi State is fighting to free them. And it works hand in hand with the federal government. The federal government is also trying to save them. I’m sure the governor and his team are trying by all means, with their power and their resources, to free the children who are still hostage.

However, many families do not understand the media silence as the way the state Kebbi has chosen. Aisha is afraid that Birnin Kebbi’s students who are still imprisoned will fall into oblivion. His cousin has still not been released. And this young woman in particular is worried that many parents will no longer send their children to school because they are traumatized.

“If you as a parent send your child to school and he or she does not come back, you will not like it and you will be unhappy. In fact, the bandits indirectly tell us not to send our children to school. It is impossible for you to send your child to school just to not come home. So to avoid this, it is better for your child to stay at home or at home, ”she explains.

The mother of a little girl of two years, Aisha, even though she herself is a student, is not sure that she will enroll her child in school.

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