at least 25 died after the attack on a convoy of displaced persons

Twenty people are still missing, according to local authorities, after the attack, which was aimed at a convoy of IDPs returning to their hometowns in the North-Central region. The attack took place overnight Monday through Tuesday. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees mentions at least 25 people killed.

as reported from Ouagadougou,

These people had fled attacks by armed groups. Thinking of a lull, they had decided to return to their hometown. The convoy consisted of about fifty internally displaced persons. On motorcycles and with tricycles, they had taken food with them.

The convoy was ambushed about ten kilometers from Pissila. Women and children were spared by the attackers. Only men were targeted in the attack. According to the report of a witness with gunshot wounds, the men taken hostage were divided into two groups. And it was around noon. 23 at night that they were targeted by the shots.

They still missed the search

According to a local source, the about twenty kidnapped can still not be found. “No survivors or bodies have been found so far,” the source said. The defense and security forces are always on the ground, searching for the bodies of possible survivors or victims.

The survivors managed to reach Pissila. In a statement, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees strongly condemned this attack on civilians. No official reaction at the moment to this new attack targeting civilians.

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