at least 19 dead in the attack on a bus returning from

A bus from a Nigerian transport company was attacked on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 by a group of heavily armed jihadists on the Dori-Tera axis. At least 19 passengers, including the bus driver who returned from Ouagadougou, were killed. Niger’s Interior Minister confirmed the deadly attack. The injured were admitted to a hospital in the nearby town of Téra.

as reported from Niamey,Moussa Kaka

The attack on the bus that came from Ouagadougou took place on the territory of Nigeria a few kilometers from the capital of the prefecture of Téra. Firstly, the jihadistsaboard several dozen motorcycles, according to witnesses, listened to a first bus, not far from the village of Fono.

After a house search and identity checks, the bus and its passengers were allowed to continue their journey towards Téra. But this extraordinary turn did not smile at the fifty passengers on the other bus who were violently attacked by the terrorists. At least 19 people were massacred and the bus was set on fire. Some passengers who managed to escape are still missing, as the injured found by the army were admitted to the hospital in Téra.

In recent weeks, there has been an increase in terrorist violence in the area around the three borders, in particular the prefectures of Téra, Bankilaré and Torodi. This uncertainty ranges from planting explosives on roads to massacres of civilians. According to the Secretary-General of the Employers’ Organization of Modern Stations in Niger, if there is no security on the border with Burkina Faso, “the activities of carriers will cease”.

A ray of hope comes from European cooperation. Yes, according to President Mohamed BazoumBelgium to build a large military barracks in Torodi for the Nigerian army.

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