Assimi Goïta issued the new election law

The Presidential Decree was published in the Official Journal. The Transitional President therefore supports the text adopted by the Transitional National Council, the Legislative Body, a week ago. A crucial document for the rest of the transition and, in particular, the possible lifting of sanctions against Mali. But a controversial document as well, as it is deeply reworked by CNT.

Assimi Goïta finally tipped the scales in favor of the National Transitional Council. By assuming the new election lawThe Malian President therefore ratifies the 92 amendments introduced by the CNT for the 219 articles of the text, to the annoyance of the Government, the author of the project.

The new election law thus contains controversial provisions such as those concerning the independent authority for conducting elections, of which three of the fifteen members will henceforth be appointed by Assimi Goïta himself. Like the amendment giving the technical preparation of the votes to the Ministry of Territorial Administration.

With this announcement, the transitional authorities wanted to show their desire to move towards a return to constitutional order. The government had really promised that once this law was in place, the government would be able to quickly present a timetable for the West African community with the details of the stages leading up to the election, which in theory should devote the civilian population to returning to power.

However, ECOWAS will meet on July 3 in Accra and will decide whether or not to maintain the heavy sanctions that have plagued Mali since January 9.

To see if these advances will convince the sub-regional organization to loosen the noose around the junta.

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