anyone who is in an “area of ​​interest

Anti-jihadist operations in the “zones of military interest”, these protected forest parks located in the Sahel and the eastern regions of Burkina Faso, will soon begin. Populations had settled there illegally, an opportunity seized by armed terrorist groups to seek refuge there, according to Burkinabe armed forces officials. These operations aim to clean up these sites from which armed groups carry out attacks on national territory.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

The commander of operations related to the anti-jihadist fight warns that anyone now in these areas of military interest will be considered an enemy. Populations still occupying protected forest areas in the Sahel and Eastern regions had two weeks to leave the ultimatum has now expired. Those who lived there were received in camps and taken care of, explains the minister for humanitarian efforts.

According to the commander of the national theater operation, messages were issued in local languages ​​in the affected areas to explain to the population the consequences of these measures as well as the various courses of action to be taken.

“Anyone found in one of the areas of military interest will be considered hostile” In addition, the governors of the affected regions have for several weeks banned the circulation of motorcycles and large displacement tricycles. In these prohibition notes, the governors warn that “anyone who violates these measures is exposed to the risks associated with military operations”.

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Security victims, these individuals will also be prosecuted in court and punished in accordance with the applicable texts according to the memo. “From now on, anyone who is in one of the areas of military interest will be considered hostile,” said Lt. Col. Yves Didier Bamouni.

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