Anticov, a new African trial to treat the disease is set up

Although the search for a vaccine against Covid-19 seems to be progressing, there is still no effective treatment for the disease. Dozens of clinical trials around the world have failed to find cures for severe forms. However, a new test will try to contribute to the building, and he is African: Anticov, that is his name, will eventually affect 3,000 patients in thirteen countries.

Major clinical trials around the world are investigating serious forms of Covid-19 and have so far failed to establish an effective treatment. Only one corticosteroid, dexamethasone, affects mortality, which it reduces by a third. Anticov takes another side: these are – this time – treatments aimed at the mild forms that are at the center of research.

Multicenter trial

The aim: to prevent patients’ conditions from deteriorating in countries that would not necessarily have the infrastructure to treat them. Nineteen locations across the African continent are participating. This is called a multicenter study, which first studies two treatments that have failed severe forms, but whose efficacy against mild forms is still being discussed: the combination of lopinavir-ritonavir, antiviral drugs for HIV and hydroxychloroquine, still prescribed in Africa.


The effectiveness of these two treatments in preventing a deterioration in the patient’s condition will be compared with a control group. The Anticovid trial is adaptable. Depending on the results, these molecules can either be recommended or abandoned and replaced by others.

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