Anger Gabonese churches demand reopening of places of worship

The coronavirus pandemic is in sharp decline. Almost all positive cases are cured. Last week, only 3 cases were admitted to the hospital. However, the country that has recorded a total of 54 deaths linked to Covid-19 has not delimited all sectors. This is the case with churches, bars and motels. This brings a sense of injustice to the operators in these sectors who are angry today.

as reported from Libreville,

After waiting more than 6 months, the Christian churches almost revolted against the state. On September 27, the collective of Charismatic Revival Churches tried to reopen churches by force. Police officers briefly arrested the leader of this collective, Bishop Jean-Baptiste Moulaka.

On October 4, the Catholic Church, the oldest and most representative of Gabon, stepped up to the plate, claiming that the prolonged closure of churches is a crime. She decided to reopen her places of worship on October 25th. Revival churches also decided on Saturday to challenge the state on Oct. 25.

In addition to places of worship, other areas that are still forbidden are bars and motels. To circumvent this ban, many tenants secretly serve their customers even when their doors are closed.

In Gabon, the number of Covid-19 pollution has dropped significantly, but the government says it prefers caution due to the resurgence of the pandemic in several countries.