An Ivorian company enters the world of

The Cerco group has just launched the Superphone Open, a smartphone capable of performing tasks from a few simple words without needing to know how to read or write. Another advantage is that the phone answers queries in about fifteen local Ivorian languages.

Bénédicte Koffi came especially from Bouaké to buy a Superphone, which she has just configured in the Baoulé language. The superphone is a creation of the Ivorian group Cerco, a phone without a keyboard, presented as revolutionary because it can perform any task just by talking to it.

A phone accessible to almost all Ivorians since the simplest French words, it answers in local languages ​​and directs the person to other applications. “I can already do voice commands, that is, I can access WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube without typing syntax or searching in the search field. With the voice I manage to do what I want”, explains Bénédicte Koffi.

The superphone required seven years of work from the Ivorian company, but the idea was born 17 years ago in the head of the computer doctor Alain Capo-Chichi, chairman of the Cerco group: “My two parents did not go to school, they can’t read or write, and very early on I experienced the frustration a parent can have when you give them a letter and they can’t read and write. product to try to relieve these people.”

In two weeks, the Ivorian brand says it has already sold thousands of models from 30,000 to 60,000 CFA francs (between 45 and 90 euros approximately).

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