an attempted mediation in Farabougou during a blockade of suspected jihadists

In Mali, a three-day national mourning began Thursday morning after the attacks on Tuesday by the Malian military post Sokoura in the Mopti region. In the Ségou region, the village of Farabougou, near Diabali, is the core of the concerns. For a week now, the inhabitants of this small village have been subjected to a blockade by suspected jihadists. An attempt at mediation is underway.

“We transported vehicles on the outskirts of Farabougou, but we could not enter. In the Ségou government, people talk modestly about “accessibility issues”, and they explain that they have received messages from residents who remain “the monastery at home”.

A mediation unit has been set up to try to negotiate access to the village. This commission of good offices is especially composed of mayors from the surrounding municipalities, traditional village heads as well as community and religious leaders.

First contacts

Some of its members explain that the blockade continues despite initial contacts through local intermediaries. The armed men who prevent men and vehicles from entering or leaving the village are not formally identified. According to testimonies from the villagers, they would have killed at least six people and would detain nine others for more than a week.

The United Nations Mission in Mali is kept informed. At this stage, his support has not been requested. If the Malian army is also mobilized, attempts at dialogue will remain privileged.