allows the new election law Assimi Goïta

While the debate on the new election law in Mali has focused mainly on the differences between the Transitional National Council and the government, the text, including in its version amended by the members of the CNT, may allow Colonel Assimi Goïta to run for the next presidential election. A potentially explosive provision has so far gone unnoticed.

It was the election observation mission in Mali (model Mali), made up of civil society experts and some forty organizations, that noted this in its latest report: the new election law, if adopted, will allow military members of the current transitional authorities to run in the next presidential election. This is on the condition of resigning four months before.

If the transitional charter prohibits the president from presenting himself, the revised version of this charter from February last year also stipulates that in the event of a vacancy of the presidency for the transition – “for any reason” – it is the chairman of the transition. CNT that would replace him.

The election observation mission’s experts therefore believe that the combination of these two texts – the new election law and the revised charter – will enable Colonel Assimi Goïta’s candidacy for the next presidential election: it would be enough for him to resign both presidency and army, four months before election day.

A potentially explosive provision, hitherto unnoticed. Voting of the Election Act with 92 amendments after arousing controversy over the differences between the CNT and the governmentwhich partly overshadows the substantive debates.

The new election law adopted by the CNTstill waiting to be promulgated by the interim president, Colonel Assimi Goïta.

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