alarming increase in patients with Rift Valley fever

In Mauritania, about ten people have died in recent days in several regions of the country after consuming meat or milk contaminated by farm animals suffering from burnout. The disease has been raging in the country since 15 September.

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From our correspondent in Nouakchott,

The first cases of gorge in the valley was recorded in Tagant, at central Mauritania. But also in Brakna to the south and in the two Hods near the border with Mali. A total of 24 cases have been reported, but half have resulted in death in humans. Fever viruses can cause serious pathologies and are toodeadly to the animal.

“This disease is usually transmitted by domestic animals such as goats, sheep, cattle and camels. There is also the transfer method when consuming raw milk or the cooked meat from sick animals, ”explains Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Ely Mahmoud, Director of Strategic Information and Epidemiological Surveillance at the Ministry of Health. .

Awareness and vaccination

To prevent the situation from getting worse, the government has launched an information campaign for the population, especially in rural areas. “To avoid disease, stay away from sick animals. For milk consumption, just heat the milk, and for the meat, cook it well,” he lists.

An element that reassures breeders, including Hacene Taleb, president of the national grouping of agro-pastoral associations in the country: “There is no significant approach without meat or milk”.

For his part, the Mauritanian Minister of Rural Development on Monday oversaw the start of a vaccination campaign for livestock in the regions most affected by the Rift fever virus.


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