after heavy rain, the Ouagalais take care of the most urgent

The rainy season sets in, with its attendant floods. Last Wednesday, August 3, several districts in the capital were flooded by heavy rain. Vehicles, household furniture, merchandise were washed away by the rainwater. To take stock of the damage caused by these first downpours, a government team traversed the neighborhoods that suffered from the fury of the waters. But people are still worried because the Met Office is predicting more rain. For these populations, freeing the waterways is most urgent.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

A few days after the passage of the rainwater, some residents of the capital are trying to restore what can be restored. Vehicles or furniture washed away, walls damaged. Material damage of millions of CFA francs for some victims. “The cars are in the garage, the water has got into them. I am discouraged, I raised the walls and the water knocked them down”, comments an Ouagalais.

These victims, on the one hand, accuse the municipal authorities of not having carried out the cleaning of the pipes, but also of not having investigated the construction of certain roads properly.

“We were flooded here because of the lack of a gutter, analyzes a resident. They did not take into account who would later live there. They did water evacuations, but it’s not enough. In the districts, it will be necessary to lay gutters so that the water reaches the level of the main road’s drainage. »

“We don’t make new gutters, we don’t lead, it will continue,” laments another. As long as we don’t change the way we do things, it will continue. »

These residents fear a repeat of the 2009 floods, which left around ten dead and 150,000 victims. “I’m afraid we will relive September 1, 2009, we will have to take our concerns into account,” we fear in the neighborhood. “It is now that the season is winding down. The beginning is heavy rain, the end is heavy rain. So why didn’t they intervene? »

After a visit to those affected, the urban planning and housing minister promises that the government will act to avoid the worst.

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