After a number of postponements, Mali is again at school

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Often exposed due to strikes in education, but also and especially the health crisis associated with coronavirus, the school year for 2020-2021 starts this Monday, January 25 in Mali.

as reported from Bamako, Kaourou Magassa

At the foot of the hill where the faculty of Bamako sits, Moussa Keita chats with her friends in the streets of the Badalabougou district. An accounting and management student, he has not set foot in an amphitheater for several months. He used this time to train himself, to improve in the use of software. Today he can not wait to get back to school.

“It was a chance to catch up, but beyond that chance there were concerns. Because I still need a diploma, I still need such a regular university course to get a diploma on time and to work officially. “

Lack of funds

For his part, Boubacar Diakité, director of the second cycle of Bacodjicoroni 2, says he is ready to welcome his students. All classrooms and offices in his public establishment were disinfected this weekend. He has washbasin kits and has received washable masks from the government which will be distributed to teachers and students. But for the rest of the barrier measures, it faces a lack of space.

“Mali distances up to one meter and does not have these means. We must not young ourselves, do not lie, there are no classes. There are many, many students in these rooms, so it is not easy at all. In the second cycle of Bacodjicoroni 2, 390 students divided into five classes return to school.


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