Africa: to be triumphant within the 7th decade

Limiting the number of authorized political parties, respecting the Constitution, more consideration for opponents … So many radical changes and new habits, to bring African nations back on track and on a healthy basis in this year 2021.

Andréane Meslard: A few ideas as we enter the time of desire. For Africa, everyone in the coming months fears the economic consequences of the difficult year 2020 that the planet has just experienced. But beyond this inevitable bad news, what can we wish this continent good luck in 2021?

If you allow it, we leave the litany of dreams in color, which we usually spread at the beginning of the year without worrying about knowing on December 31st if they more or less materialized. Most of the continent’s nations are entering the seventh decade of their accession to international sovereignty, and the time may have come to marvel at the persistence of certain shortcomings that end up constituting so many shortcomings that counteract the development of nations.

Economic prosperity is always more sustainable when it is based on a sound political environment. Even where the foundations of a prosperous economy were established in favor of what some call “a strong power”, it was then necessary to move on to clean up the political environment to ensure the sustainability of these gains. . Many often cite dragons and other Asian tigers as examples. But in Africa, Botswana and Ghana can also correspond to this definition, although in this case there is never any final position.

What political changes are concretely needed in this seventh decade to help create this fertile ground for sustainable economic development?

It is time to ensure that the election deadlines do not systematically become political tensions with endless deaths and disputes, which is the mark for those who have a confiscating relationship with power. It should come as no surprise that elections always give rise to unrest and violence in some states and never in others. No more than one should be surprised to see some revise the Constitution for the personal benefit of the contempt of the citizens who die of the tens of thousands, even of the hundreds.

Moreover, we cannot hope to build real nations with an infinite number of political parties, with each leader prioritizing the members of his region, if not of his ethnic group. In some countries, two major political parties are imposed, forcing leaders and activists to imagine criteria other than ethnicity to join a party.

On paper, Nigeria with just under 200 million inhabitants has determined a dozen political parties, but only two really dominate the scene. Suffice it to say that if Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and others Foulani want to count, they are obliged to meet. The criteria for belonging to a political party then integrate considerations other than the group one comes from. Thus, both learn to work together, in general, first for the home country, then possibly for the ethnic group …

What place then for the opponents?

Respect for opponents is crucial, especially since a man or woman in power today has been or will be an opponent today. And many opponents today have called for an end, one day or the other, in power or in its periphery. Knowing how to respect opponents and ensure them some dignity is therefore a way to respect oneself. The idea that opponents must starve so that they surrender in humiliation is simply backward.


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