Africa has the expertise to demonstrate

In Africa, monkey pox is endemic but the African continent is not the epicenter of this new outbreak, it is Europe, but more and more African countries that had never been affected by the virus are reporting cases. Latest: South Africa.

With a first case declared on Thursday, South Africa is the ninth African country to be affected by this new outbreak of smallpox and the third country on the continent, after Ghana and Morocco, to have never faced this disease before. Because in the other six countries, located in West Africa and Central Africa, monkey pox was already endemic. Among them, Nigeria is the most affected by this wave of 36 cases, including one death, the only one declared in the world. Then comes the DRC and the Central African Republic with 10 and 8 cases respectively.

But overall, Africa accounts for only 3% of new cases this year. 84% were declared in Europe, 12% in America. On the other hand, due to the occurrence of smallpox, West Africa and especially Central Africa, less severe than that eradicated in the early 1980s, as the virus disappears within two to three weeks, have the expertise to deliver to the world to prevent its spread, treat its symptoms – fever, lymph nodes and rash – and prevent them from getting worse from infections.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, researchers from the National Institute for Biomedical Research have managed to reduce mortality from 10 to 2%, by providing care for the symptoms of the disease, welcomes Professor Placide Mbala, who has been able to study several hundred cases in Congo. However, he says that the head of INRB’s epidemiological department will not be able to save on specific drugs or new vaccines.

The World Health Organization met its crisis committee on Thursday. It is up to the UN Department of Health to determine whether the outbreak of cases since May constitutes an international emergency and to make recommendations, in particular as regards vaccination.

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