About sixty migrants have shipwrecks off the coast

In Senegal, a canoe stranded with about sixty illegal migrants outside Saint-Louis, in the northern part of the country. At present, the National Navy has been able to rescue eleven people, including eight Senegalese and three Gambians. A lifeless body was also found. The rest of the passengers have disappeared. A survivor testifies.

as reported from Dakar, Thea Ollivier

Bilal is 24 years old, he is a fashion designer in Saint-Louis. Without telling his family, he left on Wednesday, August 25, in a pie to secretly reach Spain.

But the trip was interrupted the next morning when the canoe began to take water 25 kilometers from the coast due to an overload of the boat, the young man says. “The canoe took a lot of water. I took a can of petrol and swam. I found a sun lamp. A fisherman pulled me out of the water at four o’clock. ”

The phenomenon of secret migration is resumed every year during the hot season, despite the many deaths that are difficult to count on, regrets Mame Latyr Fall from the civil forum in Saint-Louis.

Still, Bilal was not afraid to take the canoe, after the death of his two brothers at sea in 2016. “It was the first time I took the canoe. I was not afraid, I just wanted to help my family. I want to be successful in life, that was what drove me. Because here it’s too difficult. I’m in a little pain. I think of all who have passed away, I lost my best friend in life. “

The naval units of the French navy continue search and rescue operations.


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