A tweet from the head of French PS Olivier Faure makes you jump

In Senegal, reactions have been linked since Sunday, June 26, in the majority camp since the publication of the tweet from Olivier Faure, the first secretary of the Socialist Party in France. He demands the release of the opposition MPs who were arrested during the latest demonstration on June 17. Déthié Fall and Mame Diarra Fam should also be brought to justice this Monday, June 27, in the court of Dakar, especially for “illegal gatherings”.

as reported from Dakar, Thea Olivier

In a tweet published on Saturday night, Olivier Faure condemns a “restricted freedom to demonstrate” and “instrumentalized justice” in Senegal, before calling for the release of opposition figures arrested during the June 17 demonstration. The head of the French Socialist Party thus ensures that “Senegalese democracy is trampled on”.

Senegalese democracy is being trampled on. The freedom to demonstrate is hampered, justice is exercised. Opposition MPs DETHIE FALL, MAME DIARRA FAM, JUST DOLLY MBACKÉ and Mayor AMETH AÏDARA must be released #Free_Senegal #Stop_Macky_Sall

– Olivier Faure (@faureolivier) June 25, 2022 Words that quickly caused the majority camp to react in Senegal. In a comment on Twitter, Serigne Mbaye Thiam, Minister of Water and Sanitation, was indignant that “the paternalistic reflexes of scholars arise”, when it is “a formerly colonized country”.

Papa Mahaw Diouf, spokesman for the presidential coalition Benno Book Yaakar, then asks: “When will the end of this mental neocolonialism that gives you the right to interfere in our country’s internal affairs?”

Aymerou Gningue, chair of the majority parliamentary group, shared a press release: “We thought those times were over, to see French politicians (…) interfere in our domestic politics with so much ease.”

The deputy has already planned to contact the France-Senegal parliamentary friendship group.

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