a number of simultaneous attacks target the positions of

Jihadist attacks on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, targeted several positions of the Malian army in different parts of the country, especially in the center and in the west, in a border region with Mauritania. In an official statement, the Malian army claims to have lost 15 men and killed nearly 50 assailants.

In the early hours of this Wednesday, a first group of jihadists is carrying out simultaneous operations in the city of Mopti, in the center of the country. Two security posts and air force installations are targeted.

Almost simultaneously, a little further south, in the Malian town of Sokolo, another army position was the target of a jihadist attack. Positions of regular troops are also attacked in the west in a border region with Mauritania.

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The Malian army statement describes these operations as “gestures of an adversary losing momentum”. But for observers, given the method used and the scale, it is one of the best coordinated jihadist operations on the ground in the last ten years against the positions of the FDS, Mali’s defense and security forces.

The Malian army acknowledges that its air force had to be mobilized to deal with the situation. Official report announced on the Malian side: 48 assailants killed, 15 regular army soldiers lost their lives, as well as three civilians. These four attacks have not yet been claimed.

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