a number of folks killed by means of an air strike

Several people were killed on Sunday, January 3, in central Mali, and the French army claimed on Tuesday that it had hit dozens of jihadists, while villagers and a local association talked about civilians being hit by an unidentified unit during a wedding.

Since Sunday, messages spread on social networks about the events in the village of Bounti, so it was necessary for French military authorities to provide more details.

The French staff admitsla force Barkhane conducted an operation in the region of Douentza, not far from the village of Bounti on Sunday 3 January. Around. 15 after a long stain maneuver, soldiers commanded a patrol in Mirage 2000, whose fire made it possible to neutralize several dozen terrorists.

But the General Staff is categorical: the report of a bombing at a wedding party in Bounti does not correspond at all to the observations made by the Barkhane force. Targeting operations are perfectly mastered, tested, no errors are possible, hammer the authorities.

The target had even been identified for several days in an area marked by the proven presence of terrorist groups, the French army said before specifying that no helicopter intervened during this operation.

Villagers from Bounti, contacted by Agence France-Press, however, claimed they had been hit by helicopter fire during a wedding. 19 people were killed, including children, they say. RFI has confirmed that a couple of women and children from Bounti are currently well treated in Douentza, but for now it is hard to know what really happened on Sunday afternoon in this remote area of ​​Malian gourmet.


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