a museum dedicated to Yves Saints Oran youth

A museum dedicated to the famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, who died in 2008, will be inaugurated this Friday, June 24 in Oran. It is the large family home Saint Laurent that has been restored thanks to a patron, a businessman from Oran who is involved in culture. The visitor finds family photos but also drawings and sketches made by the famous designer.

The museum is interested in the childhood and youth of Oran by Yves Saint Laurent, it is about the first steps of the creator in the field of art. YSL lived in this house until he was 18 years old. From an early age his production was plentiful. “He produced between 200 and 300 thousand sketches,” informs Mohamed Affane, the museum’s patron. We managed to get almost 400, there are also all the pictures from his childhood.

“Our world at that time was Oran and not Paris,” wrote YSL. Oran, a cosmopolitan of traders from all over the world, and especially from elsewhere, a city that glitters in a patchwork of a thousand colors under the calm sun of North Africa.

“Celebrate YSL in your hometown” It was first and foremost Yves Saint-Laurent’s love for this city that gave rise to this project. “I’m from Oran, YSL is from Oran,” says Mohamed Affane. In addition, all the best memories of his life, he had them here in Oran, he loved his city very much, he was very happy in his hometown. for more than 25 years, it is to celebrate YSL in his hometown.

YSL’s museum space is part of a larger project led by the Sports, Culture and Solidarity Foundation, which combines investments in tourism with culture.

We relied heavily on family photos for the decor

Youcef Farnane, project manager for the YSL Museum in Oran

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