a gold medal for Niger

It was the Nigerian Abdourahmane Moussa who won the Elite Classic final on Monday the 16th, one of the competition’s queen events: the duel between two players. Thus, the new African champion in classic Scrabble won against Burkinabè Athanase Tapsoba.

With our special correspondent in Yaoundé, Amelie Tulet

Very theatrical gestures to draw seven letters in turn. In an isolated room, under the eyes of a judge and two cameramen, the finalists compete in strategy to end the game on the grid in front of them.

In the adjoining room, the game is broadcast on a large television screen. Between passionate spectators, match comments become scientific debates: “ARE is a prefix”.

Applauded but disappointed, Burkinabè Athanase Tapsoba dreamed of gold for his country, which was shattered by terrorism: “If I had won it, I would also make the Burkina people proud. We miss moments of joy. But Niger and Burkina are the same family and we live in the same situation. And I think my country, despite a silver medal, can also be proud. I did what I could. Unfortunately, luck did not smile on me and I could not win the title for my country.

Winner in two roundsthe Nigerian Abdourahmane Moussa, who discovered Scrabble in Zinder, could not imagine one day bearing the title of African champion: “It’s really unspeakable. I have no words, because when I was little I was so obsessed with the French language. I wanted to know everything that is said in French, everything that is written. We have been waiting for this for a long time. “

No words to say it, but all the words you needed anyway to win. This Tuesday we will know which country will have won the most points in all categories.

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