a deadly attack targets the prefect’s convoy of

The convoy to the prefect of the Momo ward in the English-speaking northwest was attacked during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. At least five people were killed and three others wounded in ambush. This is the heaviest toll in terms of military losses in the English-speaking regions for almost a year.

As we drive towards Mbengwi, about thirty kilometers from Bamenda, the regional capital, the convoy to the prefect of the department of Momo, according to the authorities, was blown away by the explosion of large gas cylinders.

It is then at. 1, and the convoy, heavily escorted by soldiers from the Motorized Infantry Brigade, returns from several locations where the prefect had just installed two of his subterns.

The main vehicle is trapped in the explosion, killing four soldiers as well as a civilian, the prefect’s communications chief, Rebecca Jeme. One second is thrown into a ravine, another is immobilized, while the rest of the convoy, including the prefect’s vehicle, manages to escape under attack from the attackers.

Around 3 o’clock, the Cameroonian staff meet to organize, at dawn, an operation to save the survivors and recover the bodies, an operation from which we have not yet heard. . The human toll is therefore provisional.

According to authorities, those responsible for this attack will also be the English-speaking separatists in a region plagued by conflict between Amazonian rebels and Cameroonian security forces since 2017.


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