8 intellectuals demand a new way of thinking about the organization of power

In a column published this week “Jeune Afrique” this week, eight Guinean intellectuals, all under 40, propose to open a civil dialogue to reconsider the rule of law in the country. Among them are author Tierno Monémembo, philosopher Amadou Sadjo Barry and lawyer Halimatou Camara, all concerned about the current political impasse, following the re-election of a third term for Alpha Condé.

This grandstand aimed at politicians and young people. For the authors of this text, the problem in Guinea is not the choice but the basis of society. For them, it is a matter of initiating a citizens’ approach to dialogue in order to reconsider the organization of power with the public interest in mind.

As the philosopher Amadou Sadjo Barry explains, “the postcolonial regime had a project for a revolutionary society, according to Sékou Touré’s term. But we believe that many current conflicts are linked to the failure of the postcolonial regime to truly embody a social project that is representative of the interests of Guinea’s citizens. Our strategy is to invite us to question ourselves about how we want to live together. Far from the question of who can or should govern, it is first and foremost how to think of a government that represents the interests of all Guinea’s citizens. ”

This reflection applies in particular to the organization of public authorities, the administration and the military institution. Through this platform, these eight intellectuals hope to have a meeting between the head of state and each representative of political parties. Second, offer them solutions to avoid new crises.

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