the vaccination marketing campaign begins, on the other hand

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In South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa was one of the first to receive his dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on Wednesday, February 17, to set a good example. This vaccine replaces the doses of AstraZeneca, disqualified by the authorities because they are less effective against the South African variant. Despite calls from major political figures such as Desmond Tutu to be vaccinated, we are still very hesitant in the streets of Soweto.

as reported from Johannesburg,Claire Bargelès

You will not enter Tiny Dlamanisan’s small living room that has disinfected your hands at the entrance. At 53, this resident of Soweto respects health rules to the letter. And the arrival of vaccines in the country is a relief for her. “I’m happy because it will be a good thing for people,” she says. Everyone shares a lot of stories about it, we get lots of videos. I only listen to the official media. ”

But many prefer to follow conspiracy theories on social media. Distrust remains high as medicine has been manipulated during apartheid to try to control black populations.

Benedict works for a funeral director and sees the damage caused by the virus every day. But despite everything, he remains very skeptical of the vaccine. “Before, we did four or five funerals a week, and now it can go up to twenty,” he explains. But I’m still very scared of getting vaccinated! Maybe it will make me even sicker, what do I know? First, explain to me how it works. “

“It would be selfish to transmit the disease everywhere”

Chairman Cyril Ramaphosa said no one would be forced to get the vaccine. While waiting for his turn, Thato discusses the subject every day with his friends. “For other diseases, it took a long time to find a vaccine,” he says. For HIV we still have nothing and this virus has just arrived and we already have a vaccine. So that raises questions. But it would be selfish of me not to accept the vaccine and spread the disease everywhere. ”

The Ndlovu Youth Choir also took up the subject and just released a song to encourage South Africans to get vaccinated and cause mixed reactions. To begin,the vaccination campaign will focus exclusively on the health workforce. Then the rest of the population comes in two phases.

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