the presence of white sharks threatened by two killer whales

In South Africa, white sharks have found even more threatening predators than themselves. It shows a study recently published in the African Journal of Marine Science. According to researchers, these sharks, which were very present on the country’s southwest coast, have become very rare for 5 years, threatened by the arrival of two killer whales.

as reported from Johannesburg, Claire Bargeles

To reach this conclusion, the group of researchers studied how white sharks have been driven out of the Gansbaai area since 2017, a fishing village in southeastern Cape Town, in South Africa.

The coast was previously very popular with this shark species that was considered “vulnerable”. And it is also a place well known to tourists who come to do burdyk to observe these carnivores.

“Port” and “starboard” But the great white sharks had to abandon their territory, after at least five of them were killed within a few months. For four of them, their lives were torn out. The researchers who wrote the study attribute these fatal attacks to the arrival of a duo of killer whales, christened in the region “Port” and “starboard”, either port and starboard. It is not known at this time what drives the two mammals to commit these attacks in this area.

Researchers are therefore concerned about the consequences of such a change in the ecosystem, while the disappearance of white sharks leaves more room for another predator, the copper shark, which could change the balance in the food chain.

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