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For the past five days, Congo-Brazzaville has been living up to the campaign ahead of the July 10 legislative and local elections. Among the candidates seeking the 151 seats in the National Assembly, there are many independents who meet the representatives of the major parties in the majority of the opposition. These independents say that they are a little lucky and want to do politics differently once they have been elected.

as reported from Brazzaville, Loicia Martial

In the capital’s main arteries, not an hour goes by without seeing a carnival pass. The one we met not far from Roger Obesse’s campaign headquarters was dominated by a semi-trailer that many young people danced on.

Roger Obesse is an independent candidate who meet another, and a resigning deputy close to the majority in a constituency in the sixth arrondissement: “We are independent. We have no umbrella. The only support I have is the people. I’ve never done politics. This is the first time I go in. Regardless of the circumstances, we have prepared in earnest to avoid fraud. But we think we will win because the people are behind me, he said.

In an office in the city center where he came to meet journalists, Arcène Niamba stayed on the phone for a long time to give instructions to his team. the country about to take the road to his constituency Komono in the southwest. He already feels like a winner against three other independents and a candidate from the Pan-African Union for Social Democracy (Upads), the largest opposition party:

“I firmly believe in it. Based on what we see on the ground, we think there is reason to believe it. We are very lucky to win this election, we have good faith that it will work for us,” he said.

In total, there are more than 2000 legislative candidates.

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