the Anti-Corruption Fee requires two years

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In South Africa, the loop is tightened around former President Jacob Zuma, stuck in case of embezzlement. On Monday, the commission charged with investigating corruption during his presidency demanded two years in prison against him.

Anti-Corruption Commission accuses former South African head of state of contempt for justice for after refusing to come and testify. She therefore asks for it Jacob Zuma be sanctioned.

Since the creation of this commission three years ago, the former president has never stopped defying justice and using all sorts of maneuvers to avoid having to testify. He has already been questioned by about forty testimonies from senior officials and former ministers. Even introduced himself once before this Commission last November, and since then he has collected appeals to avoid having to reappear. He even accused the President of the Commission of not being impartial.

Last week, Jacob Zuma went so far as to defy an order from the Constitutional Court, which had ordered him to appear before the Commission of Inquiry. The drop of water that broke the camel’s back.

On Monday, the chairman of this commission visited the highest court in the country so that Jacob Zuma could be punished for having “intentionally and illegally” refused to advance the investigation.

If this kind of behavior is allowed, lawlessness and chaos will prevail in the courts.

Judge Raymond Zondo

The judge therefore demanded two years in prison against the former president. However, this commission has no powers and the results of its investigation cannot lead to charges. These can just be transferred to the prosecution for possible prosecution.

It will therefore be necessary to wait for the reaction of the prosecution to know whether prosecution will be initiated for contempt for justice.


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