South African artist Reggie Khumalo paints to condemn hunger

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In Johannesburg, artist Reggie Khumaloa unveiled an exhibition inspired by her journey with the World Food Program (WFP) in Mozambique. The 33-year-old South African, who became prominent with his motorcycle trips across the continent, earlier this year followed the UN body, which has just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He was able to meet victims of food insecurity, caused largely by climate change as well as by violence in the northern country. The sale of his creations will be used to raise funds to fight hunger throughout the region.

with our correspondent in Johannesburg, Claire Bargelès

Reggie Khumalo receives her first visitors in her studio, where spray cans and pallets are finished drying on a table. It is today that he reveals the centerpiece of his exhibition, a 10-meter-long painting. “I called it ‘The Last African Meal.’

All of these painted figures staring out into space are inspired by the Mozambican women crossing when they came to seek help from the World Food Program.

Reggie Khumalo was affected by the work of the organization. “I traveled to Beira, in the region that was very affected by Cyclone Idai, and where malnutrition is still very much present. I am amazed that there are still famine problems in the world today in 2020. ”

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Southern Africa as a whole is in a serious situation with over 40 million people insecure. Deborah Nguyen, WFP spokesperson for the region, hopes that such exhibitions in connection with the achievement of Nobel Peace Prize, will help mobilize more resources for the future. “The situation is very urgent, which is why we called on African artists, African citizens, to draw attention to what is happening. … and we also hope that this Nobel Prize will help us raise more funds to be able to help more people. “

Following a tour of Europe, the paintings by Reggie Khumalo will be auctioned to fund WFP’s actions in the region.

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. @reggiethenomad travels around Africa painting people he meets along the way, helping raise funds to support education by selling his art. On this #AfricaDay, he donates this masterpiece to @WFP, it represents hope for the new African generation. How will you contribute?

WFP Africa (@WFP_Africa) May 25, 2020


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