President Ramaphosa was weakened on several fronts

In South Africa, as internal elections for the African National Congress (ANC, the historic ruling party) are scheduled for December next year, President Cyril Ramaphosa is a little more weakened. His party has elected a regional representative close to former president Jacob Zuma in the key province of Kwazulu-Natal. The head of state is also seeing his image gradually tarnished by the strange story of the theft of money from his farm.

as reported from Johannesburg, Claire Bargeles

The Ramaphosa camp hoped the outgoing ANC leader of the Kwazulu-Natal region in the east of the country would be re-elected at the weekend.But it was ultimately his opponent, Siboniso Duma, close to the faction loyal to Jacob Zuma who was selected hands down. An election which reveals a little more the fractures in the party, while the shadow of the ex-president continues to hover over the region from where the riots started a year ago.

Last Thursday, it was another former president who attacked Cyril Ramaphosa: Thabo Mbeki took him to task in a public ceremony, blaming him for his lack of action in the face of endemic unemployment and poverty and predicting that other popular protest movements were to be expected.

New blows, while the head of state is also criticized by public opinion for his silence in the face of suspicions of embezzlement, after theft of money from his farm. Under pressure, he contented himself with sending answers to questions from the Republic’s mediator without ever speaking publicly on the subject.

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