new list seizure of seven million euros

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Another seizure of ivermectin took place in South Africa. This drug is used against parasites such as scabies or lice and is considered by some to be a miracle cure for Covid-19. However, its effectiveness in combating the virus in humans has not been scientifically proven. This does not prevent fake online publications and the black market from being fed.

as reported from Johannesburg, Romain Song

It’s another roof that is breaking records. Thousands of ivermectin tablets were seized at Oliver Reginald Tambo airport in Johannesburg worth 7 million euros, South African police announced on 19 February.

The action at the same airport at the end of January did not, of course, deter traffickers. 400,000 euros of tablets had been seized by customs and seven people had been arrested.

In both cases, the goods come from India, ready to flood a black market, where the tablets are sold as a cure for Covid-19. In South Africa, the use of ivermectin is only allowed for animals. A relaxation with a lot of monitoring was approved in late January to try this treatment in desperate cases.

But more doctors are pushing to extend the approval of ivermectin. It is an additional tool in the fight against the disease according to them.

The Merck company that produces this drug warns against the lack of scientific data guarantees the effectiveness and safety of this treatment against Covid-19.


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