legal setback for Ramaphosa who had suspended

In South Africa it was inappropriate to suspend the Ombudsman of the Republic. It is a court ruling that opposes President Cyril Ramaphosa’s decision. An inappropriate decision, because it came just after the opening of an investigation against the head of state in a case of possible concealment of money that goes back to June.

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The President’s decision is overturned and Cyril Ramaphosa finds himself embarrassed. There was a case; now there is an agreement in the agreement.

First, the Phala Phala case, named after the farm belonging to President Ramaphosa, where burglars allegedly found a large sum of money in 2020, the amount of which varies.

The burglars were allegedly bribed to cover up this affair.

The opposition demands answers from the president about the origin of these funds and the reasons for their concealment. The head of state says he is reserving his answers to the investigators.

Investigating is what Busisiwe Mkhwebane wanted to do. This mediator for the Republic, close to former President Jacob Zuma, has a bad reputation. She is even affected by a dismissal procedure initiated by the parliament.

But his sudden sacking of the president had left people reeling because Busisiwe Mkhwebane had just sent a list of 31 questions to Cyril Ramaphosa on the Phala Phala case.

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The reversal of his dismissal by the courts is a setback for President Ramaphosa. His efforts to not answer legitimate questions are beginning to backfire.

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