In South Africa, the African National Congress saves

The party, which has been in power in South Africa since 1994, debated its political program in Johannesburg. Two thousand delegates from the country’s nine provinces discussed the reforms to be implemented for the country and the transformations to be made within the presidential party.

as reported from Johannesburg, Roman song

“You thought you witnessed our self-destruction, you saw our union”: This is what ANC militants repeated to the 450 accredited members of the press.

The historic party is weaker than ever, plagued by rival factions, corruption cases and massive voter losses. Strongly contested in some provinces, however, the head of state, Cyril Ramaphosa, did not suffer during these three days of conference the opposition that observers had expected. The interested party is also happy. “The conference sent a clear message to our members, our supporters and the people of this country: despite our difficulties, despite our shortcomings, the ANC is still alive,” he said.

The young people in the party are less enthusiastic than the president. Tlangi Mogale acknowledges the good performance of the conference, but she fears the inaction of the ANC leaders: “The last ten years have not made it possible to implement all the measures we wanted. We appreciate our leaders, but we have the impression that they are not do enough to enforce the measures we adopt,” she explains.

In order for these recommendations to become a reality, they must be voted on at the Electoral Conference in December. This is where the party had to rebel. President Ramaphosa will play his chair there.

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