Batswana Letsile Tebogo, faster and stronger on

It has been confirmed that Botswana athletics has a young sprinter of very high class. At 19, Letsile Tebogo retained his title as junior world champion in the 100 meters on the night of August 2-3, 2022 in Colombia. And he did it by breaking his own world record with unabashed ease.

A blue jersey from Botswana runs down the blue pitch at the Cali Stadium. Letsile Tebogo, irresistible, will pick up another world junior gold medal after a maiden victory a year earlier in Nairobi. Admittedly, the 1000 meters of altitude, the favorable wind (0.8 m/s), the new generation’s spiky performance favors, but the technique of this pure talent impresses.

In 9 seconds 91, he improves by 3 hundredths the junior world record he had established in July during the series of the Senior WC in Eugene in the USA. “The goal was to have fun and get people home to enjoy watching athletics. I did my best. The world record was not part of the plan, but these are things that happen naturally without thinking about it. »

And again, Tebogo did not push to the end. So superior, like Usain Bolt in his day, that he allows himself to run the last twenty meters by turning his head towards his dolphin and waving to him. Lack of respect? He doesn’t swear and reminds us that sprinting is also sometimes brainwashing. “It’s about self-confidence. What I did was I scared them into being scared of me. That’s how I ran without pressure. On social networks, Usain Bolt hailed the run of Letsile Tebogo, the Botswana hunk who could train from next month in the United States.

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