authorities confirm IS attacks


Tanzanian police have confirmed that the country has been the target of an Islamic State attack in the village of Kitaya on the border with Mozambique. The attack took place last week and killed several people. It was claimed by the Central African branch of the Islamic State.

Videos and photos show buildings on fire. The attackers shout “Allah Akbar” and split the neck of a lifeless man. The attack was claimed as early as October 15 by the Islamic State. What finally confirms the Tanzanian police. Simon Sirro Director General of Police.

“It’s true, last week more than 300 terrorists from Mozambique attacked the village of Kitaya. They looted and murdered several people. We followed them and managed to arrest a few, some of whom are Tanzanians. But I want to reassure the country, as I always say: if you kill a Tanzanian, we will fight hard ”.

A gas region

The village of Kitaya is located on the border with Mozambique. A jihadist uprising has been active in Mozambique’s border province since 2017. According to local NGOs and the UN, this security crisis has already caused the deaths of more than 2,000 people and displaced more than 300,000.

This region is strategic as there are gas fields a few tens of thousands of kilometers off the Tanzanian coast. This attack also comes shortly before the presidential election, scheduled for October 28.

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