after eight months of silence, the ANC calls for remobilization

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More than eight months of silence following the debate on 22 February calls for the National Alliance for Change in Togo to mobilize. During its national council, party leaders on Wednesday, October 14, called for a resumption of the struggle with the aim of shifting and changing.

as reported from Lomé,Peter Sassou Dogbé

By taking stock of ten years of existence and eight months of silence, the National Alliance for Change (ANC), following the debate in the presidential election on 22 February, is raising the bar.

According to Jean-Pierre Fabre, who has been renewed at the helm of the party, the troops need to be remobilized. “We have paid dearly for group solidarity, we now need to know how to find serious partners within the opposition, on unit actions,” he stressed.

“I do not think we are saying enough that we are facing a military dictatorship with a civilian facade. I want to change the system that has governed this country for years, ”added Jean-Pierre Fabre.

“There is nothing to say who will win the presidential election on February 22. The conditions under which this election took place were not good, ”said the president of the ANC.

The struggle therefore remains unresolved in the light of power: to remain available for any discussion of Togolese’s habitat and improvement of the electoral framework.

“We must fight to have institutions involved in the election that are able to tell the truth at the ballot box. More than ever, the ANC will be present in the fight at all levels to make things happen, “said Patrick Lawson, the party’s first deputy chairman.

More realistic and more united is the new agreement, as small freedoms in the country are limited by power.


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