women’s soccer hopes for a spotlight after success

The South African soccer team won its first CAN for women 2-1 on Saturday. Africa for the sixth time in their history. Many in their home countries hope that their impressive journey will further develop women’s football in the country.

as reported from Johannesburg, Claire Bargeles

At the age of 19, Mkamogeleng Tshoki is the captain of a football team from Soweto, “Diepkloof Ladies”. She has closely followed the progress of “Banyana Banyana” during this African Cup of Nations (CAN) and hopes that their aura can serve the cause of women’s sports: “They open the way for us to get more attention. In Soweto it is not always easy .Women’s football is not taken seriously yet, so every time Banyana win and people see them, we are a little bit better rated.

Diepkloof Ladies play in a semi-professional league which gathers around 3,000 players. And since 2019, a professional league has been created to oversee everything.

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Involvement of sponsors For footballer Gontse Makhoti, the more successful Banyana is, the more likely it is that the system will develop. It’s a bit easier now and there are already more girls playing football. New teams have also been created, but it is going very slowly because it is not the first time that Banyana Banyana participates in the African Cup. We can see that they are a little better thought out, which helps the environment to develop and the teams to grow.

For Diepkloof Ladies president Peter Mafa, the national team trip is not just about recruiting more girls. “This can bring more sponsors to our league, because at the moment we have very few in women’s football, he hopes. We only run the team with our own money.”

Banyana Banyana will have another chance to shine at the World Cup next year, for which they have already qualified.

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