who wants to kill Kaïs Saïed?

While the country is still plunged into uncertainty following the president’s decision to adopt exceptional powers a month ago, a new element has further blurred the situation. Kaïs Saïed says he is threatened with death.

as reported from Tunis, Amira Souilem

But who wants to assassinate the president? The question is on everyone’s lips at the beginning of this week in Tunisia. A question that arises after words from the biggest stakeholder on Friday, August 20: “I am only afraid of God Almighty. They imagine murder and bloodshed, but if I die today or tomorrow, I will die a martyr. “

Without having to spell things out, Kaïs Saïed raises plotters who claim to be Islam. Immediately, the Islamist party Ennahdha issued a statement assuring the president of its support but also demanding that an investigation be launched to shed light on these alleged threats.

Attempts prevented by the Tunisian secret services At the same time, a Tunisian newspaper, Al Chourouk, reported on an assassination attempt allegedly dismantled by the Tunisian security services. At this stage, the Presidency has neither denied nor confirmed the information.

These threats come as Tunisia waits to know whether Parliament’s freeze will be extended by the President of the Republic or not.


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