“We are still in a deprivation of liberty context

Eighteen Sahrawi separatists, imprisoned in Morocco since 2010, have lodged a complaint with the UN group, against Morocco, for arbitrary detention. These people are accused of murdering members of the security forces in the so-called “Gdim Izik” case, named after the camp where eleven Moroccan police and gendarmes were killed at the time near the territory of Laâyoune. , administered by Morocco, since the end of Spanish colonization.

According to the support group for these prisoners, “Sahrawis as campaigns for self-determination are subject to discriminatory practices and have been sentenced to long prison terms for confessions obtained under torture”.

Together with RFI, Oulfa Ouled, a lawyer at the Paris Bar in charge of defending prisoners by Gdim Izik, confirms the submission of this complaint of arbitrary detention: “This is the second time the seizure of the Arbitrary Detention Group has intervened in this file. The reason is very simple because the same group had issued an opinion in 2013 indicating that the detention of the detainees in the Gdeim Izik group was completely arbitrary. We have always considered that this verdict did not respond to the criticism of the Arbitrary Detention Group because no formal investigation into the torture has ever been launched, despite the fact that prisoners have constantly condemned them. opinion from 2013 and states that we, despite the presence of the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Rabat, we are still in an arbitrary context of deprivation of liberty ”.

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