town of Casablanca beneath water after

Morocco has been in heavy rain since the beginning of the week. The economic capital, Casablanca, is particularly affected. Residents criticize the authorities for problems related to the water flow.

Rafik Madrane is an optician and lives in Casablanca. They testify to the importance of the rain and the first problems caused by them: “There was a lot of rain for three days and what happened was that the sewer pipes were apparently a bit clogged. . The water began to stagnate, began to rise and began to flood garages. It started causing damage and even creating blackouts in some buildings, some neighborhoods. In some working-class neighborhoods, there are roads that can no longer be driven. This creates problems for the journey. ”

Collapsed buildings

In addition to the floods, the weather caused the roof of a traditional oven in the old town to collapse, leaving one dead and four injured, according to local authorities. A ruined house has also collapsed in a working-class neighborhood, and help is trying to free all the people who may have been there.

Although floods are frequent in the city, the rainfall this year is particularly abundant, reminds Rafik Madrane: “For three days in a row, we have rarely had rain all night, all day that does not stop. Normally it rains one day and it stops ”.

In the media and on Moroccan social networks, comments and criticism began to merge with local authorities and their passivity in the face of bad weather. The dilapidated condition of the water drainage system was also pointed out.


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