The UN “quite optimistic” about a lasting ceasefire after a series of agreements

This is a major step forward in the joint military talks in Geneva two days after the start of a face-to-face meeting between representatives of two warring parties in Libya: the Government of National Unity (Tripoli) and the Libyan National Army (Benghazi). Agreements have been reached to address the very difficult situation of civilians.

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It is an agreement in six specific points which, once implemented, will make the daily lives of Libyans less difficult. These points were recorded at a press conference held on Wednesday 21 October in Geneva by Stéphanie Williams, the head of Manul, the UN mission, who was declared “quite optimistic” about the possibility of a ceasefire. sustainable ”.

The aim is to reopen, as a first step, the main land routes between the various cities in the country that have been closed for a year and a half. Security arrangements will be used to facilitate the movement of people and goods, especially to eastern and southern Libyans. Some air transport routes, especially to Sebha in the south, could then also reopen.

Joint strength

The two sides also agree to end “incitement to violence” and “hate speech” in the media and on social networks. Decisions accompanied by the formation of two committees to free the prisoners from war.

With regard to the oil sector, the two parties agree to appoint a leader who will coordinate work between eastern and western Libya to ensure the continuity of production. The formation of a joint force responsible for the security of oil terminals was also discussed.

Finally, the two parties are continuing discussions on security issues surrounding Sirte to move forward with a comprehensive ceasefire agreement.


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